Charlene Abinante
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From the solitary piece to the groups of multiples, Dormant is a response to my feelings regarding mortality and disease. To share my sense of wonder and curiosity with the viewer I have created an environment that suggests ambiguous forms of living organisms: abstractions of different kinds of pathogens. I reference the elements of unfamiliar microscopic life or partially identifiable forms of nature, and marry these characteristics together to fabricate an object. The microorganism is taken out of the book, out of the microscope, out of the body and the otherworldly is exposed.
Based on images of toxins, I also draw from memory and use intuition to create the three dimensional objects that compose Dormant. The composition of the forms uses the surrounding space to create either conflict or harmony. Where two pieces, standing on fragile points their branches intersecting, lean into each other tension is created. A mass of organisms, arranged in formation, suggest a unified, but currently inactive force. Texture and color is used to both charm and repel. A crusty surface is made desirable with a delicious shiny accent. The potential of these varied situations is left for the viewer to determine.