• June 1, 2020

    I have updated my online shop with many new items. Click HERE to view the shop and I am currently accepting custom orders. Thank you and stay safe <3

  • May 18, 2020

    I have been using my quarantine time at home to focus on creating and building stock and have paused on updating my shop. My goal is to update my online shop June 1st. My husband and I have been collaborating on salt cellars and I am quite excited about the progress we have made. I ordered small spoons to accompany the cellars. I am grateful for the custom orders I have received and have been building up stock to get my next bisque and glaze fire started. I think my next to-do list will be to start updating on my blog again.

  • Shop is live! 7/6/2019

    It took many hours, photographing, editing, but I am excited to announce my shop is up and running! Click Shop to take a look and drop me a line to let me know what you think! Thank you,


    Charlene Abinante

  • New Blog Post

    I have been working to update my blog and I recently posted a flash back post about my trip to New York. The post can be viewed through the Blog link on the left hand side of this page or Here .

  • Made in Chico

    Made in Chico

    I am excited to announce that my pottery is represented in the local store, Made in Chico. Items include olive oil/balsamic dipping dishes, small dishes for hand soaps, and dishes for scented oils.

  • 7.31.14 Thursday

    I have rearranged some of the folders and work on the website. I am starting a new folder "Shop" that will include pieces of sculpture and pottery that I have for sale. Please take a look and if there is anything that interests you feel free to contact me. I am open to commissions and made to order pieces as well. Thanks and be sure to share with your friends.

  • 7.23.14 Updates in Pottery

    I have added a new folder '2014' to the Pottery folder. I look forward to posting more work as it gets finished, and never fear, sculpture pics are near!

  • 6.29.14 Blog is up and running

    After a hiatus, I have been creating work in the studio and posting entries to my Chico Artist blog. Click the link here or on my Blog tab on the home page. I also plan to post some in progress work through my blog and I hope to get some finished work and pictures updated on the website soon. Thank you :)

  • 1.31.13 Updates on the blog

    There are some new blog entries! Feel free to click the 'blog' tab at the top of the website or check it here Chico Artist Blog

  • 7.26.10 Article from JC Online

    JC Article

    I have three pieces in the show! This is an article about the show in general and one of my first reviews outside of California! Hooray!

  • 5.11.2010 Update

    Hey everyone, just updated my pottery/2010 section, added a new 2010 folder under recent work, and I've updated my artist resume. Only 12 days until graduation! Thanks for checking in :)

    *** I just received my acceptance email for the CSU Summer Arts Clay as a Medium for Sculpture! This will be held in Fresno and includes guest artists Heather Mae Erickson, Tip Toland, Jason Briggs, and Holly Hanessian.

  • 4.5.10 Pictures!

    Well I have pictures up of my show! Please check them out. Thank you. :)

  • 4.18.10 Dormant: BFA Culminating Exhibition

    It has been a grueling 48 hours of install and even a longer amount of time preparing...but my BFA Culminating Exhibit opens tomorrow at Chico State. Check out my blog for pictures and more information if you are unable to attend!


  • 3.26.10 BFA Show cards!

    Hey everyone,

    So my BFA Culminating Exhibition show cards came yesterday! I am really excited about them and cannot wait to send them out, I just need to get more stamps. Anyone that comes across this and would like one sent, just send me your address. You can find the info on my 'contact' page, or go to my facebook page. Things are coming to a head here in April. So many receptions and events that I can post to my blog! Check it out if you haven't and thanks for looking. :)

  • 3.23.10 Critique

    I posted an entry about our class critique, check out my 'blog' link for pictures! :)

  • 3.18.10

    How the time does fly! Sorry this is not as up-to-date with news...but please go to my Blog Link for more information on news and such events that are happening around the area! I have applied to residencies and classes but I am still waiting for news. About a month left until I install my BFA show - So that is also taking up a lot of my time. ! :)

  • Overcast.....1.22.10

    Its always fun to find out about a good photo editing program AFTER you have already uploaded your photos - I have gone back to crop/resize some images so you can see them in better detail. This is regarding my Portfolio-Recent work 2009 (recent or current, I can't remember what it says), and Pate de Verre and I will redo the Pottery images.

    I am in the crunch time to submit my fellowship application - and school starts Monday. This will be an exciting semester filled with clay, glass blowing, pate de verre, bronze casting and taking my favorite Art History teacher for my last semester at Chico!

    And for most other people applying for shows, classes, workshops, etc....so many deadlines coming up! I need an assistant or something...

  • Update on images....1.13.10

    Just wanted to inform, incase people read this, that I have updated my images/folders under my portfolio....take a look! :)

  • Floating...1.10.10

    After spending a wonderful foggy morning working in a cold warehouse, meeting up with a friend for a drink, watching a highly disturbing gory movie and calculating the cost to apply for classes, residencies, etc, I feel motivated enough to finally update the news and let anyone know, who may come across this, that for more information on up-to-date happenings in the studio and life, can be found through my blog link on this website. I would like to use this news for updates relating to my art site and my blog is just an extended adventure. I would like to thank all the artists who have written me back and contacted me about my inquiries.
    9:56 pm

  • Long days...1.7.10

    Well...the past few days have been intense but I finally have my website up and running, not to mention up-to-date on all of my work! It feels good to finally have my work on here and the funny thing is I actually have more pieces that could have been included but did not have documentation of them and they are no longer with me. So the lesson here: take pictures of your work as soon as it is finished, or at least some in-progress shots are good also. After this marathon of uploading, updating, rewriting-palooza, I must retire to rest for the night and be productive tomorrow. I need to start writing out my proposal for a fellowship I have been lucky enough to be nominated for, so that will take up another chunk of my energy. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to contact me with any questions!
    10:31 pm